"After experiencing trauma in my senior year of high school, I was nervous to go to Briar Cliff University. It was so far from my home and I was already struggling with depression. When I arrived at BCU for my first semester, right away my grades were concerning and it was clear I was having a difficult time. I was encouraged to see BCU’s school counselor. Thankfully, with the support of my professors, friends, and advisors and my own hard work, I was able to overcome my depression and I’m proud to say that I ended my first semester with a 3.3 GPA. I want to be able to continue to build on that success. Unfortunately, as a result of this pandemic, my dad was issued a significant pay cut so I am reaching out to request additional scholarship money so that we can afford for me to continue attending Briar Cliff. There is nowhere I would rather be. I feel so safe being a part of this community. I am proud to be a BCU Charger."

A Briar Cliff University Student

"Despite losing my position as a result of COVID-19, I have recently found gainful employment again. Unfortunately, it has come with a significant pay cut. While I am thankful to be working again, we are still struggling to find creative ways to continue to send our daughter back to BCU for her last two years. Our daughter loves the Cliff, and we are super grateful for every opportunity Briar Cliff has provided for our family. Would there be any way BCU's program could find some extra scholarship funds for our daughter? This would be extremely helpful to our family." 

A Briar Cliff University Parent

"I have recently lost my job as a part of COVID-19 and my family’s income was also impacted. Even though I wasn’t making much, it was enough to invest in my education. Thankfully my parents have helped me financially contribute to my Briar Cliff education each semester. Now, with this virus’s impact on my income and my family's income, I am concerned about how we are going to afford my education next semester." 

A Briar Cliff University Student

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